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KNN Channel
KNN Channel
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KNN (Kurdish News Network) was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of the Wusha Corporation, an independent Kurdish media group, and first started broadcasting on the 31st of December 2008. KNN is primarily a Kurdish-language channel, its main remit is local and international current-affairs, but KNN also reports extensively on the economy, politics, sport, culture and the arts. News updates are supplemented by in-depth interviews with prominent Kurdish politicians and thinkers, and KNN also produces a vide variety of documentaries and local-interest programmes, as well as adapting foreign programming for Kurdish viewers. The channel is headquartered in Sulemaniah, Iraqi Kurdistan, and employs over 160 people there and in its offices across the region. KNN has a network of correspondents throughout Kurdistan and Iraq, as well as permanent local offices in Irbil (Hawler) and Kirkuk.
Aso Sat  Kurdistán - Obecné
Local Tv channel

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GK Hawler TV  Kurdistán - Obecné
Gali Kurdistan Sat is a TV channel from Kurdistan.

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Tishk TV  Kurdistán - Obecné
Tishk TV (Kurdish: تیشک تی ڤی‎) is one of the first Kurdish Satellite station broadcasting from Paris, France to Iran and Kurdistan. Tishk TV is a

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NRT TV  Kurdistán - Zprávy
کەناڵی ئێن ئاڕتی سەرەتای دەستپێکردنی دەگەڕێتەوە بۆ شوباتی ساڵی ٢٠١١ و بۆ یەکەم جار لە بەرواری ٢٠١١/٢/١٧ دەستی کرد بە پەخشی ئاسای ڕاستەوخۆ، وەکو یەکەم

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Sterk TV  Kurdistán - Zprávy
Local Tv channel. Kurdish Tv Live.

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ZINDÎ - Ronahi TV  Kurdistán - Obecné
Local kurdish Tv channel.

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